Common questions and known issues (please let us know if your question is not covered)

#1. After installation, the program fails to start with an error message "CreateProcess failed; code 14001"


This problem may occur on pre-Windows 7 computers which do not have a necessary Windows component called ".NET framework". Please download and install .NET to resolve this issue.

#2. The program runs but some functions do not work or Error boxes show up

resolved / by design

Certain functions require administrative privileges. Logging in as an Administrator may not be enough in Windows 7 or Vista under certain system settings by Windows design. You may navigate to location of the executable file, right click it, go to Compatibility, check "Run this program as an administrator". This should normally be enough. Keep an eye on DragDrop problem addressed in #4.

Certain functions may not work due to User Account Control, again by Windows design.

To resolve: try to install the program to C:\BiochemLabSolutions\ directory instead of C:\Program Files\ and/or have UAC disabled.

This behavior may also occur with unlicensed copies because certain functions may require a license.
To resolve: acquire the license.

#3. "Unknown publisher" message appears when running setup and the program for the first time


This message shows that the software is not signed by CA in the Microsoft database. It is safe to proceed through this message when you use any of the programs downloaded directly from We do not guarantee downloads obtained elsewhere. If you wish, you may request MD5 or SHA1 checksum for any download by email.

#4. "Drag and Drop" of files does not work

resolved / Windows security feature pertaining to level separation

This is a common Windows OS issue. It does not arise from the applications we provide.

    Please take a look at these links:
    Google search "windows 7 drag and drop not working"

User Account Control (UAC) is a common source of DragDrop issues. Windows security is designed such that UAC disables DragDrop operation for programs without informing the user.

To resolve:

Install the program to C:\BiochemLabSolutions\ directory instead of C:\Program Files\


Log in as an Administrator and disable UAC (how to do this).


An alternative solution does not require administrative login and is compatible with standard user or guest accounts and UAC. The Drag and Drop operation can work if the Dropped files stream from a location also opened with the "Run this Program as an Administrator" option. Here we provide a dedicated file browser which, when started with "Run as Administrator" option via right-clicking, allows the files to be DragDropped in all scenarios, even with UAC enabled.

#5 "Being computer administrator"


It is recommended that the user is logged in as an administrator to use the programs.

However, it is possible to run the program from standard user or guest accounts. Please use solutions in question #4 to resolve any problems that may arise running  the applications as a standard user or guest.

#6 Application runs unlicensed even with a valid license present


The issue could arise from license being requested on a different machine than the application is ran. To fix this problem, simply install the program on the same machine from which you requested the license.

This may also happen for reasons related to Windows security permissions which we cannot control through our software. The user (you) should take some actions to resolve permission conflicts. Simply logging in as an Administrator may be sufficient to resolve this problem.

If you are logged in as an Administrator but the license is still not working, please either install the program to C:\BiochemLabSolutions\ directory instead of C:\Program Files\, login as an administrator or disable UAC - until the program works normally.

#7 Unhandled exception - Access denied and other access errors


This issue relates to issue #5. Try running the application either from Administrator Account or with "Run as administrator" option via right-clicking the program's icon. This should correct the behavior. Note possible UAC-related DragDrop issue (#4).

#8 Will program X run on a Linux machine or a Mac ?


Yes if these two steps are done:

(1) Free VirtualBox by SUN, Microsystems is installed
(2) Windows XP or more recent Windows is installed in VirtualBox

The VirtualBox allows to run Windows inside Linux and MacOS as an application, making it possible to run Linux (MacOS) and Windows simultaneously, without rebooting or switching between the OS.

Although you will need to buy a Windows license, the advantage of this approach is the added ability to run any Windows application natively on a Mac or a Linux machine.

#9 When using EasyConvert, DragDropping a pdb file produces and empty directory instead of the converted pdbqt file



If you do not have Python 2.5.2, please install it from here (try the x86 version):

The steps to set Python 2.5.2 as default version:

Navigate to
Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features

Right-Click "python 2.5.2"
Select "Change"
Select "Repair"

After Python 2.5.2 is in control, EasyConvert should work.

#10 I requested the license but received an email asking to re-request it again


Software versions released after 2009 use licensing files not compatible with older releases. Old licenses are no longer issued. Instead, when outdated software is detected on your computer, you are asked to update the software and request the new license.

#11 We are interested in obtaining the Kd module of SEQMOL, how can we get it?


Kd module can be accessed if you have (1) SEQMOL license and (2) Kd module subscription. Subscriptions are issued for a certain time period (usually, a 10-day access is provided).

#12 Upon requesting the license I never see the "Completed" message and never receive any confirmation E-mails from BiochemLabSolutions


This error is caused by poor algorithms in third-party firewall or anti-virus software installed on your Windows computer. Even disabling the protection software may not be enough and a complete de-installation may be needed for the licensing to work. We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for all anti-virus needs.

This error does not occur on Windows computers protected only by native Windows OS firewall and by Microsoft Security Essentials.

#13 My anti-virus program says your software may be a threat


Every program provided on this site is guaranteed to be 100% clean and have zero effect on privacy, security or performance of your system. This is false alarm that arises because virus detection algorithms are not perfect and track certain patterns in executables which could be perfectly legitimate. A close example would be "smart" spam filters implemented in many email programs, which often simply track "exe" or "zip" files and disallow sending them as attachments -- just because of exe or zip extension.

#14 I am located outside the US and use a non-English language on my machine. I am seeing an error message:

See the end of this message for details on invoking
just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

************** Exception Text **************
System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.



Update the software.

#15 MassiveSAR stops with an error message in Windows 7 when running SDF clustering. The stop occurs after the first cluster has been generated.


This problem arises from a special protection of Program Files (x86) directory in Windows 7. To resolve this problem, please copy folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenBabel-2.2.3 (or your version of OB)



than point to this new folder in
MassiveSAR GUI -> OpenBabel tab using "locate manually" button

Clustering should work normally now.

#16 When running Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) over network,
every time a message appears: "The publisher could not be verified"


Solution 1.

It is safe to ignore this warning and click Run.

Solution 2.

To eliminate the warning, please read this. The solution works
in Windows Vista and Windows 7.


"Run gpedit.msc

Go to User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >>
Windows Components >> Attachment Manager

Add "*.exe" to the "Inclusion list for moderate risk file types" setting.

"This policy setting allows you to configure the list of moderate risk
file types. If the attachment is in the list of moderate risk file types and
is from the restricted or Internet zone, Windows prompts the user
before accessing the file. ..."

In other words, this allows you to run an .exe from the Intranet zone
without a prompt, but it will warn before running one from the Internet."

#17 I am using ELN. How do I send my saved data to others (share) ?


Solution 1. "Cold" ( the other user does not have the ELN software installed )

Go to Menu => Export current Directory => Export As
Compress the resulting folder into a ZIP or 7z archive and send it by email or via DropBox. The other person will be able to read all records using Internet Explorer.

Solution 2. "Hot" ( the other user has the ELN software installed )

Export your entire current ELN to DropBox, ask the other user to access your DropBox using the +User function in his/her ELN center. Now both you and the other user can access the same ELN from any place in the World to read and edit the shared records.

#18 I want to know about the ELN audit and backup, and the key generated.


Provide Folders to audit and a folder to save Audit and backup data to ( "Select folders..." tab ). By default, entire ELN is audited to the \Audit folder.

1. Fill in all the applicable boxes ( Name, audit plan such as "Every nDays" ), "from" email address and "to" email addresses ( both "from" and "to" can be your own Email ).

Quick Audit will audit only changed files and is recommended as default.
Full Audit will audit all files in ELN and can be ran less frequently.

2. Find SMTP server parameters of your email provider including
- server name that looks like ""
- your user name
- password
- and port number

The audit will run automatically if you selected a plan "On Exit, Every Time" or "Every nDays". You will receive a key by email after each audit.

Audited + backed up data will be located in "Directory for storing project snapshots", along with their digital keys. They keys are identical to those you receive by E-mail.
Any changes to the files in audited folders will break the key.

#19 I have several questions about ELN...


1. Do you support [...] language encoding in ELN ?
2. Would it be possible to have [...] language version of the program (menu bars, etc) ?
3. Would it be possible to have licenses for computers based in different countries and different Universities ?
4. Can extra features be added ?
5. Would it be possible to have access to the ELN from the browser ?
6. Can I use ELN to run my lab remotely ?

1) Many languages are supported by ELN pages in the most recent versions.
You can get the most recent version of the ELN here.

2) Language customizations for menu bars are not planned at this time.

3) Yes. Collaborating users in multiple countries will be able to use and license ELN.

4) Some customizations may be made, depending on your specific needs. Complex projects such as database creation and management extensions are outside the scope of a general ELN and are best done using dedicated software.

5) Yes, it is always possible to open ELN projects in web browsers for reading them without any special actions.

6) This program should allow to run a lab remotely, it was designed with such a scenario in mind. For instant, hassle-free setup we recommend to pair our ELN with DropBox.

Alternatively, you could establish a file server with VPN. Most modern computers can be used as such VPN servers.

#20 I am running your program under a non-Admin account. I provided the license (signed_license.licc file) but software runs unlicensed. How do I correct this?


If the user is not an administrator, Windows OS in some cases will not allow the software to access the license file ("signed_license.xml" located inside program's installation directory)

To resolve this issue,
- log in as an administrator
- locate the signed_license.xml file in program's installation directory
- right-click the xml file and open the "Security" tab
- in "Groups or user names:" add your non-admin account, if it is not already added
- click "Edit" and allow Read, Write, Modify and Full Control

When you login to the non-administrative account, the software should run licensed.

#21 I am running ELN from a server, how do I stop Windows popup – “The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this?” message box?


Go to Control panel->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level.
Change the "Launching Applications and Unsafe Files" to Enable.

You can also read this for step-by-step instructions.

#22 When editing ELN, "Enter" key adds two new lines, not one. How do I add just one new line?


Install the recent version of ELN software

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