Image Quantitation and Protein, RNA & DNA Gel Quantitation





      Image analysis, processing and quantitation program

       For standard JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF images; 16-bit TIFF images and for .GEL files produced by Phosphorimager,
       Typhoon and Storm instruments. Note that .GEL files have a non-linear pixel scale and cannot
       be quantified directly, even if exported as .TIFF and opened in most image analysis
       programs. GelQuant.NET reads .GEL files natively and allows correct quantitation.

       Intuitive and fast operation due to extensive implementation of mouse and DragDrop functions. It is easy to
       Magnify, Zoom, Rotate by any angle, Flip, Evaluate overexposure, adjust Brightness, Contrast, Invert and Save images.
       Intensity of a band or an image segment is quantified by drawing a selection rectangle and pressing the middle button
       of a mouse. Absolute intensity, local average-corrected intensity and % of the signal over total signal across several areas
       are computed.



        Download V 1.7.8    free software  ( now and will always be) 
        New in V 1.7.8 GelRuler - a realtime band size estimation tool (click ruler icon to start)

        Introductory video showing basic functions  (size warning: 23 MB) watch

        Video showing the use of the realtime "GelRuler" feature (size warning: 8 MB) watch

        How to cite GelQuant.NET in a publication
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Overview of the quantitation process. It takes a very small amount of time and only a few mouse clicks
to determine intensity of the bands. For a simple gel like this, % intensity in the upper and the lower bands
can be found in under 5 seconds.


Download this overview as a PDF

Other downloads that may be required on some pre-Windows 7 computers:
.NET 3.5

Supported OS:

Windows XP, Vista 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7 32/64 bit.
NET 3.5 must be installed for the program to run. Otherwise, an error code will appear.  

If you encounter any problems, please read FAQ

MacOS and Linux users can run this program at native speed via
free VirtualBox by Sun Microsystems. 

Looking for a GelQuant.NET version that could quantify Red, Green and Blue channels separately?
E-mail us.

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