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VcPpt docking is scalable. The program docks as many ligands as are given in the input and can be used to carry out high-throughput screening.
Docking results from 20 small molecule ligands (as on this picture) can be managed very easily. As count grows to 1000 or <much> more, sorting and clustering of the docked solutions becomes the primary task.

VcPpt contains all the tools for very rapid processing of the docked results to group them by relative energy, binding pockets, or both. Vina.exe is not required for these tasks so if you do not plan to license Vina.exe, please read installation instructions on how to block Vina download prompt.
Multiple docking results superimposed
VcPpt 20 results from an in silico high-throughput screen
Protein-ligand docking and in silico high-thoughput screening for Windows