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Installation instructions
This program is an independent extension for VINA. This site is not affiliated with Vina developers.

The software is provided with limited functionality, namely
(1) docking is limited to 3 ligands at a time
(2) running time is limited to 20 minutes per use
To activate unlimited number of ligands and running time users should obtain license using
built-in registration tool.

Other downloads one may need for the program to work:

(1)     .NET 3.5
(2)     Sorting and clustering functions will work out of the box.
          Vina must be obtained if you wish to carry out docking and in silico screening.

Supported OS:

                 Windows XP, Vista 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7.
                .NET 3.5 must be installed for the program to run. Otherwise, an error code will appear. 

                 A note about UAC of Windows: you may see an error message when starting
                 the program if your UAC is turned on. Administrative privileges are required to run.
                 DragDrop functionality may not work at all or not work for the license file on Windows 7/Vista
                 under certain configurations due to security and permissions behavior of Windows.

                 Solution 1 (preferred)
                 Install the program to C:\BiochemLabSolutions\ directory instead of
                 C:\Program Files\

                 Solution 2 (preferred)

                 Log in as Administrator and have UAC disabled.

                 Solution 3
                 find C:\Program Files\VINA_control\VINA_control.exe,
                 right-click the exe file
                 find Compatibility->Privilege Level
                 check "Run this program as Administrator", done.
                 Windows 7 and Vista users: please note the (resolved) DragDrop issue
                 in certain usage scenarios.

                 Solution 4
                 Right-click program icon, select "Run as administrator". DragDrop
                 issue may arise that is addressed in FAQ.

                 Please don't forget to read the FAQ section about usage scenarios

MacOS and Linux users can run this program at native speed via
                 free VirtualBox by Sun Microsystems.

To block automatic prompt for "vina.exe" download in case you do not have or can't have VINA:

                  - create an empty text file in the VcPpt install directory
                  - name it "vina.exe"
Protein-ligand docking and in silico high-thoughput screening for Windows