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Programs are provided as instant downloads that work 'out of the box'

Licences are optional for some software items. In some cases licences enable pro-features
or remove advertisements.

Getting the licence

1.   Download and install a program (skip to step 2 if you have done this).
2.   Use the built-in licensing utility bundled with all programs to send the licence request*.
3.   You will receive a confirmation email that will direct you to this page for payment.

Licence file will be sent to your email
(allow some time for processing) and will look like this
The same email should be used for the licence request (2) and for the payment (3)
Licensing the software
Credit card payments (secure via PayPal)

Licence will work with future releases of the software.

Licence management
Licence is bound to Windows copy and works as long as the original copy of
Windows OS is present. Re-installing the same Windows copy is OK.
We also accept purchase orders (PO), checks and bank wire payments within the US.
Please inquire by Email.
you don't need to have a PayPal account, all major credit cards are accepted
Electronic Lab Notebook    5 computers (10 computers)
SEQMOL        Software core licence
VcPpt               docking and HTS in silico screening & clustering
EasyConvert   small molecule batch conversion utility w/2D->3D option
MassiveSAR    small molecule similarity clustering utility; SMILES, SDF
GelQuant.NET   protein, RNA, DNA gel quantitation -- free licence
Kd, R-cluster & Solvate subscriptions are sold separately
SEQMOL         Kd (binding) module
Subscription, requires SEQMOL software core licence
*Some third-party antivirus programs may interfere with the licensing module.
Microsoft's Security Essentials
antivirus software works well and is recommended
as a replacement of your existing antivirus product if you experience problems
sending the licensing request.
SEQMOL          R-cluster RNA binding sites prediction modue
Subscription, requires SEQMOL software core licence
SEQMOL          Solvate PDB surface desolvation analysis module
Subscription, requires SEQMOL software core licence
Electronic Lab Notebook    E-mail support for ELN
Electronic Lab Notebook    1 computer