provides software for work in biochemistry, molecular and structural biology, and drug development. SEQMOL (short for "SEQuences & MOLecules") can be used for multiple sequence alignments, analyses of electrostatics and solvation of proteins, nucleic acids and of their complexes, and for computation and mapping of conservation, covariation and other sequence features on PDB surfaces. SEQMOL can accurately predict RNA and DNA binding sites on proteins, compute binding constants (Kd) & binding free energies of any protein-protein interfaces in PDB crystal structures. VcPpt, EasyConvert and MassiveSAR provide a comprehensive set of programs for wet and in-silico small molecule high-throughput screening and data processing and analysis. Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) offers a powerful environment for documenting laboratory work, complete with built-in encryption, digital signatures, audit system and modules for working in biochemistry and molecular biology laboratories. The software is made for Windows, but will run on Linux and MacOS machines via virtualization (FAQ). All executables are provided as free instant downloads and can be tried and in some cases used indefinitely without licensing.
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Software for biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory. For basic research and applied research. For academia and industry.